Fermented Wheat Germ Extract

The unique ingredient of Avemar products is Avemar Pulvis, which is prepared by fermenting selected quality wheat germ extract.

We are proud that our preparation is the world's first fermented wheat germ extract, which was created in 1998 by Dr. Máté Hidvégi based on the idea of the Nobel laureate Albert Szent-Györgyi.

The wheat germ is the part of the wheat grain responsible for growth and reproduction. So this is not the sprouted wheat plant, but the small "germ of life" found in the wheat kernel, which is extracted from the wheat grains using a milling process. It contains a high concentration of numerous vitamins and micronutrients, spermidine, and benzoquinone molecules.

To prepare Avemar, we use first-class, non-GMO, top-quality wheat germ grown in Hungary.

Fermentation: tradition at a master level

Simply put: chemical conversion with enzymes and microorganisms. Many natural processes take place with the help of microorganisms (fungi, bacteria), during which organic substances are broken down and transformed. Humanity has recognized and utilized the potential inherent in these processes. This is how "fermentation" was created, which is already a conscious, controlled technological process.

For the fermentation of the wheat germ extract used in Avemar, we use a patented process, unique tools, unique technology, and a yeast strain (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) deposited from the Pasteur Institute in Paris. The process takes place in sterile, GMP and ISO9001 conditions in order to ensure that each Avemar product is the highest quality fermented wheat germ extract in the world.

From wheat germ to Avemar

In order to ensure the effectiveness of Avemar, the fermentation conditions and parameters were carefully developed and protected with patents. This process cannot be reproduced.

Biropharma's factory in Hungary provides sterile aeration during the process for the production of Avemar. The precious fermentate obtained in the presence of the special yeast strain is separated and fine-filtered, then gently concentrated in a vacuum (at low pressure) and then spray-dried. The applied spray drying process is extremely fast and gentle, protecting the heat-sensitive components from heat stress. The powder obtained in this way is the active ingredient of Avemar Pulvis, used for making tablets and granulate drink powder of Avemar products.

As a result of a special, gentle, chemical-free and alcohol-free process, wheat germ becomes Avemar.